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Husum is always worth a visit: Tips and highlights for our guests

The Husum resort on the sea and hometown of the author and local bard Theodor Storm has done much to shed the "grey" image portrayed in the verses penned by its famous son. The town with its historic romantic inner harbour is full of colour, and the downtown area provides a full variety of exclusive attractions with tasteful maritime accessories. Leisure activities the whole year around complement the lively cultural atmosphere of the summer months.

We have put together a few inspirational ideas for our guests.

Culinary Husum

Fresh sea air is known to drum up an appetite to be satisfied with a tasty meal. Peckish? North Frisia has a whole variety of culinary delights vying for your attention. Whether it's a genuine delicacy such as our salt marsh lamb, fish fresh from the net, the region's popular crab, or any of our other local specialties in Husum, we think you'll find that there's something for everyone. And of course we also have a broad selection of international delicacies including Thai, Italian, Chinese, Greek, and Mexican here to whet your appetite...

Come and enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the many restaurants. It's easy to find the right atmosphere to enjoy your meal, whether rustic farmer's cottage with its exquisite menu, a restaurant ship in Husum's harbour, The Alter Ratskeller town hall restaurant, Dragseth – the oldest inn in North Frisia, harbour restaurants and pubs aplenty, or well-prepared and delicious seafood... All that rounded off with a cup of tea, a traditional Pharisaeer Kaffee coffee with rum, or would you prefer a cocoa with rum or Tote Tante (that's a "dead auntie") to wash it down? [Anm: Tote Tante ist doch Kakao mit Rum] Enjoy!

North Frisian Islands and Wadden Sea National Park

The only attraction of its type in the whole world: the islands of the Wadden Sea world cultural heritage site. These islands are unique to North Frisia; known to the locals as halligen, Theodor Storm described them as "floating dreams." These islands are located in the middle of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, and have no dykes or embankments to protect them from the waves and tides. There are ten of them in all, each with its own unmistakable profile. The halligen never appear in the same light from one season to the next, creating their own special atmosphere.

The islands are like an oasis of peace in the midst of the turbulent sea, an ideal place for inner reflection and company, sun and salty sea air – always a good choice for an excursion or a longer stay. An extended guided tour of the Wadden Sea is ideal for anyone with a yearning to discover this world heritage site up close.

Off to the islands: Sylt, Amrum, Föhr

Dunes, wide beaches and plenty to see. Husum is a great place to start for an excursion to the North Sea islands of Föhr, Amrum and Sylt.

A ferry from Nordstrand or Dagebüll will take you to the islands. Sylt is an hour's train ride away, taking you across the sea on the Hinenburgdamm causeway.

Ferries to the islands from Nordstrand

W.D.R Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei
Ferries to the islands from Dagebüll and Schlüttsiel

Moments in mauve: Crocus blossom festival in Husum

Crocuspocus – casting a spring spell in mauve. Lose yourself in a mauve sea of crocus flowers in full bloom. More than four million crocuses turn Husum's castle gardens into an almost endless swathe of mauve – the mauve miracle of the north, and unique to northern Germany.

This event also includes the new Husum Crocus Blossom Queen's coronation at the Schlossgarten castle gardens, and the Crocus Festival celebrated with all the shops open that Sunday.


Husum's picturesque downtown is just a few minutes' walk away from Husum Neustadt, with a real shopping experience and a colourful range of clothing, jewellery, accessories, souvenirs and much more.

Stop and discover, and while away the hours exploring and savouring the many shops, boutiques and department stores along Neustadt, Großstraße and Husum's inner harbour.


What finer golfing experience can there be than at the North Sea? The area has plenty of opportunities with courses and clubs for you to practise your swing. We've put together a selection of them here:

Golf-Club Husumer Bucht e.V., Schwesing 

Golfanlage Gut Apeldör, Hennstedt

Nordsee-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording

Golfclub Deichgrafenhof, Tating

Town excursions... and Denmark

The towns of northern Schleswig-Holstein between the North and Baltic are well worth a day trip to discover, enjoy, and relax, or stroll around and see the shops. Here is a brief guide to some of them:

Friedrichstadt The picturesque “Dutch town” is located where the Eider and Treene rivers join. Canals traverse the town, giving you an ideal opportunity to discover the town from the water on a canal boat tour. Friedrichstadt’s annual events are the town’s festival days and the Rose Festival.

Büsum Moin-moin! – as the locals say. How about a trip to the Büsum Nordsee-Heilbad North Sea spa baths? The new Perlebucht family lagoon is a spacious swimming and leisure complex.

Schleswig Located directly on Schlei Fjord on the Baltic sea, the city has a host of attractions for visitors such as Gottorf castle with the globe house in the castle gardens, Schleswig Cathedral, and the beautiful downtown area with its Holm fisherman’s settlement. Haithabu provides a great opportunity to discover the long history of the Vikings up close.

Kiel The state capital of Schleswig-Holstein is just an hour’s drive away. Situated on Kiel Fjord on the Baltic Sea, the town has something to appeal to anyone’s tastes. The town’s annual summer highlight in summer is the Kiel Week with a colourful range of events throughout town, and of course the sailing regattas.

Flensburg Why not head right up north to Germany’s northernmost town on the Danish border? The harbour town on Flensburg Fjord is a must for all avid seafarers – especially the rum regatta, the dragon boat race and Flensburg Nautics. 

Denmark It’s only fifty kilometres to the Danish border. Beautiful cities such as Sønderborg and Tønder are ideal places to visit.


Cycling by the North Sea – no mountains or hills to climb, but with a fresh breeze in your back. There are always new routes and destinations to discover as you marvel at the unique landscapes and breathe in the fresh air. Broad horizons, the Wadden Sea, the islands, typically north Frisian farmsteads and idyllic villages await you on your tour.

The North Sea Cycle Route as well as the Wikinger-Friesen and Eider-Treene-Sorge cycle routes provide popular established routes with extensive, well-signposted cycle paths – ideal conditions for a long bike ride.

Wikinger-Friesen cycle route towards the Baltic Sea
Bay of Husum towards the Baltic: June 2007 saw the grand opening of the 180 km Vikinger-Friesen cycle route the North Sea and Baltic Sea. This route takes tourists and cyclists along the path of the Vikings and Frisians between the North Sea and Baltic Sea, taking in landscapes as historic as they are attractive.

North Sea Cycle Route
At more than 6,000 km, the world's longest signposted cycle route takes you through eight different countries – Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, England, Belgium and the Netherlands – never deviating from the North Sea coastline. The Bay of Husum is located on the North Sea Cycle Route.

Eider-Treene-Sorge cycle route
Not quite as well-known, the Eider-Treene-Sorge riverscape near Husum provides a beautiful backdrop for a cycle ride. The 240 km Eider-Treene-Sorge cycle route passes through meadows, pastures and moors, across the Geest islands, and through shady forests of beech and oak in north German Eider, Treene and Sorge riverscape. Depending on your starting point, the Schwabstedt starting point of the Eider Treene-Sorge cycle route is around ten to twenty kilometres from the Bay of Husum.

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